Introduction to the Canadian History Time Line

Canada's history is as complex as any other, and those who study it need lots of resources. This time line links major historical events to Web pages that provide detailed information. This page lists resources that have a wide scope.


Historical Atlas of Canada

Mapping Canada Canadian Geographic Magazine

General links

The Government of Canada has a superb site (in French and English) with a list of Departments and Agencies that have many resources for public use.
• General information about Canada
Canadian Heritage
Indian and Northern Affairs
Statistics Canada
Canadian Space Agency
Canadian War Museum
Department of National Defence
Facts about Canada in maps

Hudson's Bay Company historical site has online aids for researching historical books, documents and pamphlets.

Aboriginal studies

Aboriginal Canada portal

Aboriginal Youth Network has a great links page

Innu nation homepage

Metis Culture and Heritage

Native American Indian Resources, out of date a little, but still outstanding; 300 pages including maps showing history and populations. What a great source of information from the late Paula Giese!

Lee Sultzman's site covers much of North American Native History. An incredible resource.

WWW Virtual Library with native peoples' oral and written history

A Native American Time Line with links and topical essays. Site based in the United States.

Canadian History

The Virtual Museum of New France (French)
is rich with
• photographic exploration.

The history of black people in Canada is an interesting and often neglected aspect of our culture. Let's listen, and always ensure that history is inclusive!

The Canadian Museum of Civilization and their resources list for Canadian history

Canadian history web resources by Dr. Susan Neylan at UBC

Comprehensive links and a search engine for politics

Canadian history time line from

Academic resource links

Canadian History and Genealogy

Canadian Journal of Archaeology

A guide to Canadian History at

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Why I created this site

I was inspired by an interview with Jack Granatstein, author of Who Killed Canadian History? He emphasizes the importance of studying Canadian history in Canadian schools.

As a student, many years ago, I felt that our teacher narrowly limited our understanding of the events of our history and mentioned this in class. Louis Riel was treated badly in history books at that time (the 60s) and Riel became for me an icon of oppressed individualism. The teacher asked me to leave the room.

Riel is now an icon for the problems not only of oppressed individualism but of oppressed cultures in general and his death is one of the central issues in understanding Canada and the problems it faces in the future.

It's my hope that teachers no longer ask students to leave the class if they disagree with the established views, and that they know the truth is not necessarily printed in a text book.

Christine Hastie (Kindly write this address into a blank e-mail. This helps me win the battle against spam!)

Quebec History

The history of Quebec by Patrick Couture:
Table of Contents
• Before Quebec
New France 1524-1763;
Samuel de Champlain'
Conquest of Quebec
Lower Canada 1763-1867
Charles Dickens in Canada Quebec 1867-1960
Quebec 1960-2000

Claude Bélanger's Quebec History pages are also an extremely valuable resource set:
• Events and Issues here
• Picture Gallery
• List of Internet Resources

Canada: A People's History

The amazing CBC TV series Web site. Here's a list of episode titles for your reference. Also look for teacher resources and games/puzzles.

1. When the World Began: 15,000 B.C. to 1850 A.D.

2. Adventurers and Mystics: 1540 - 1670

3. Claiming the Wilderness: 1670 - 1754

4. Battle for a Continent: 1754 - 1775

5. A Question of Loyalties: 1775 - 1815

6. The Pathfinders: 1670 - 1850

7. Rebellion and Reform: 1815 - 1850

8. The Great Enterprise: 1850 - 1867

9. From Sea to Sea: 1867 - 1873

10. Taking the West: 1873 - 1896

11. The Great Transformation: 1886 - 1915

12. Ordeal by Fire: 1915 - 1929

13. Hard Times: 1929 - 1940

14. The Crucible: 1940 - 1946

15. Comfort and Fear: 1946 - 1964

16. Years of Hope and Anger: 1964 - 1976

17. In an Uncertain World: 1976 - 1990

Time Line Icons

To illustrate the main entry for a given date and help young readers, I created these little icons. A legend is on each time line page.

Prehistoric, archeological


Historic voyage
or exploration


Events concerningNative people

Conflict for a national claim

Treaty, act or decree

Battle or war

Religious matters

Canada as a nation


Western Canada

Women, women's rights

Culture or media

Science, technology

Natural disaster

Canada & the world

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